Critical Raw Materials are vital in the EU despite being scarce. Discover the elements we recover and the role they play in our daily lives

Critical Raw Materials are crucial for the European economy. They are essential to produce goods used in everyday life. In RECOPPs we focus on the recovery of two out of a list of thirty Critical Raw Materials. These are Bismuth and Antimony, which are found to be the most enriched in the residues generated during the production of Copper.

Both of these materials are mostly imported from China and have multiple applications in our everyday lives. In fact, we depend 100% on imports to supply these Critical Raw Materials in the EU.

In RECOPPs, we want to ensure the supply of Bismuth and Antimony for the EU by developing a solution to recover them from the residues generated during Copper primary production. This way, we are contributing to the circularity of resources while, at the same time, providing two end-products that are vital for the European industrial leadership.


Find out how Bismuth is applied and those sectors where this Critical Raw Material is vital.


Find out how Antimony is applied and those sectors where this Critical Raw Material is vital.

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We are happy to have finally met in our first Annual Meeting to discuss the progress of our recovery protocols of #criticalrawmaterials , #bismuth and #antimony 🌱♻️.

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After a long time of constantly taking about the benefits of #circulaeconomy let’s talk a bit about what it is exactly and how do we all benefit from it! 🌱🌎

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