RECOPPs as a pioneer solution towards circular economy and sustainable industries

In RECOPPs we want to become relevant for the industry and civil society as a technological solution that will save costs of waste management, will reduce the environmental impact of industrial activities and will recover critical raw materials as end-products to be commercialized. Throughout the lifetime of the project, our goal is not only to exploit the results of the developed technology, but to be an example of sustainable solution aiming towards the circularity of resources.

Our goals to accomplish are the following:

Perfection, in terms of efficiency, the recovery protocols of Bi and Sb of the residues and by-products at a TRL of 5

  • ESP Converter Dust
  • Eluate

Validation and upscaling process to a more relevant setting (TRL of 7). Study the economic (opex and capex costs) and environmental (management of residues and As stabilisation) viability.

Plan and develop a go-to-market strategy that will allow us to commercialise RECOPPs upscaling in Europe.

Communicate and disseminate the results of our project that will allow us to reach our industrial stakeholders, scientific community and civil society

Educate and form a community around sustainability and circularity of resources. Make visible the work of young scientist and create a space free of any form of discrimination.

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