As we progress, year by year, we will give detailed information about the development of our project and our current goals

Throughout the life of RECOPPs, our mission will be to secure raw materials supply, design materials solutions, and close materials loops. RECOPPs will aim to set the basis to establish new sustainable opportunities and to provide a better understanding of resource efficiency in mineral and metallurgical processes.

    • Commercialization strategy, which will be based on planning the overall aim, goal and vision of the whole upscaling project.

    • Covering the technical process, monitoring and updating the possible identified risks.

    • Validating the recovery protocols of Bismuth and Antimony from ESP Converter Dust and Eluate residues based on RECOPP fast track proven technologies (TRL 5).

    • Launch of the communication strategy aimed towards selected target audiences.

    • Define training and technology transfer actions for partners of the consortium towards early-stage scientist.

    • Organise our first workshop where we will inform about the RECOPPs first year performance.

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