RECOPPs project is committed to take action and become a precedent in industrial solutions that aim to promote circularity and sustainability

RECOPPs upscaling project was funded under the frame of Horizon Europe program. The main goal of this program is to support the development of innovative solutions that will, later, help restore Europe’s industrial leadership and open new economic pathways. All this, meeting the European Comission’s political goals, focused towards accomplishing a climate neutral and green Europe.

As a project funded within the frame of the Horizon Europe programme , RECOPPs aims to contribute to meet the key strategic orientations for EU research and innovation, defined for the period of 2021-2024.

Creating a sustainable source of added value raw materials Bi and Sb.

Protecting envirionment by treating hazardous materials.

Creating a new revenue stream based on circularity of resources

Creating a gender equal space and free of LGBTQI+ phobia.

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