Beware the Arsenic

Careful with this hazard! Seriously, it can cause death Arsenic is a natural component present in the earth’s crust. Although it is considered a metal, this element is rarely found as a solid. It is widely distributed in the air, water and ground. This said, in its inorganic form, it is extremely toxic. In fact, […]

Holy Antimony

Did you know that without Antimony your car would never start? Antimony (Sb) a metallic, silvery and hard metal used to produce semiconductor devices, such as infrared detectors and diodes, among others. For its properties, it is the perfect alloy to combine with other metals such as Lead, Tin and Copper. I fact, it is used […]

Bismuth on your face?

Yes, it is true! Bismuth can be applied to your face and we explain how. Bismuth (Bi) a a bright, crystalline metal used mainly as an allow in molds and fire detectors, among others. For its low melting point and low toxicity levels, it has been considered as a possible replacement for lead and tin […]

RECOPPs celebrates Women in STEM

Last Thursday, 11/02/2022, we launched the first sessions of RECOPPs SDG seminars. This series of talks was born to raise awareness on the sustainable goals, proposed by the United Nations. In this way, RECOPPs aims to showcase and educate civil society on the importance of taking into account these goals when conceptualizing a business idea, […]

Circularity of resources towards a green energy transition

On December 20th, 2021, RECOPPs PI and Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Córdoba, joined the seminar “Energy Transition and Sustainable Use of Resources”. This event, held at IDAEA-CSIC facilities, had as goal to give an overview of the current situation on the scarcity of resources that is becoming increasingly notable in the European Union. As a project […]

Inclusiveness and young visibility, RECOPPs for EIT Women

On the 28th of October 2021, RECOPPs PI and Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Córdoba, participated in a very insightful talk in EIT Women initiative “Inspiring Women in the Raw Materials Sector”. In this event, Patricia showcased her career towards the Raw Material sector and her journey towards RECOPPs upscaling, funded by EIT Raw Materials. This webinar […]

RECOPPs as an example of research turned into market solutions

Last Thursday, 21st of October 2021, our PI and Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Córdoba, discussed her experiences as a young female scientist at IDAEA-CSIC’s Workshop Innovation and Knowledge Transfer. The is event was the first one held in-person during the pandemic situation and aimed to showcase the talent and innovative solutions present at IDAEA-CSIC. The event […]

RECOPPs joins Veltha’s series of webinars “Loops”

Last Wednesday, 20th of October 2021, RECOPPs PI and Coordinator discussed circularity, criticality, and new revenue models in Veltha’s “Loops”. This initiative, which started in 2020, aims to promote and introduce Horizon 2020 projects that contribute to the implementation of Circular Economy and sustainable solutions for the industry. Now in its second season, the series […]

First results from our partners!

Today, 4th of October 2021, we celebrated our second general meeting to discuss our preliminary results of the work packages active so far. It has been the second time all of the RECOPPs consortium gets to meet face to face and welcome new additions to the team. All our partner have been present in this […]