We generate value in the Recovery of Critical Raw Materials from residues and by-products generated during the production of Copper.

RECOPPs aims to transition the environmentally and economically sustainable recovery of added-value raw materials Bismuth (Bi) and Antimony (Sb) with an integrated stabilisation of the hazardous Arsenic (As) from the residues and by-products generated during the pyrometallurgical production of Copper (Cu) to a more relevant setting (from lab to pilot scale).

Find out more about how Copper is produce, how we carry out the recovery process, the elements we recover and our project milestones.

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#RECOPPs team united!

We are happy to have finally met in our first Annual Meeting to discuss the progress of our recovery protocols of #criticalrawmaterials , #bismuth and #antimony 🌱♻️.

Thank you for your attendance and participation! 🙏🏽


We’re going #circular today! ✨

After a long time of constantly taking about the benefits of #circulaeconomy let’s talk a bit about what it is exactly and how do we all benefit from it! 🌱🌎

Thread ahead!👇

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