Careful with this hazard! Seriously, it can cause death

Arsenic is a natural component present in the earth’s crust. Although it is considered a metal, this element is rarely found as a solid. It is widely distributed in the air, water and ground. This said, in its inorganic form, it is extremely toxic. In fact, Arsenic can cause serious damages to our bodies. This can lead to serious effects such as vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhoea and, in extreme cases, death. Furthermore, the long-term exposure to this element can cause cancers in the skin, bladder and lungs caused by the presence of this hazardous element in drinking water.

The main issue is the arbitrary discharge of Arsenic into landfills. This is because, waste water coming from industrial processes may contain this hazard and create a leachate that can contamine ground waters. Later, these overly contaminated waters are consumed by over 140 in 50 countries, according to the World Health Organisation. This means that a solution has to be found in order to prevent the occurrence of this hazard in the water that will later be consumed by us and our environment.

In RECOPPs we are working on the stabilisation of Arsenic present in the residues we are working with. We want to work towards accomplishing Sustainable Development Goal nº6: Clean Water and Sanitation. By working on the stabilisation of Arsenic, we are also preventing the discharge of this element into ground water.

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