Last Thursday, 11/02/2022, we launched the first sessions of RECOPPs SDG seminars. This series of talks was born to raise awareness on the sustainable goals, proposed by the United Nations. In this way, RECOPPs aims to showcase and educate civil society on the importance of taking into account these goals when conceptualizing a business idea, research investigation or organization.

The first seminar was planned around Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5. A group of 4 professionals, Mónica Edwards, Juan Morales, Zoe Seadone and Patricia Lujan, from the educational and communication sector, joined us to discuss strategies and initiatives to promote gender inclusiveness in STEM.

After very insightful 4 hours of seminar, we learned about strategies on how to manage gender inclusiveness and what would be the best approach for us to take action towards it, we learned about #nomorematildas initiative and how it wants to return female scientist to the textbooks and, finally, we traveled through recent revolutions to remember not to disconnect from the world and to work together towards a female revolution.

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