On December 20th, 2021, RECOPPs PI and Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Córdoba, joined the seminar “Energy Transition and Sustainable Use of Resources”. This event, held at IDAEA-CSIC facilities, had as goal to give an overview of the current situation on the scarcity of resources that is becoming increasingly notable in the European Union. As a project that aims to contribute to ensure the supply of Critical Raw Materials, Dr. Córdoba evidenced the need of change in paradigm on the exploitation of natural resources and the importance of implementing new solutions to recover them to restore the EU’s industrial leadership.

The seminar opened with a talk on the overall context on the critical situation of natural resources by Dr. Antonio Turiel, CSIC researcher, followed by an overview of the energetic situation by Prof. Xavier Obradors, director at ICMAB and was closed with Dr. Patricia’s talk, introducing RECOPPs upscaling and how the developed technology contributes to the supply of Critical Raw Materials, necessary for a green energetic transition.

If you we unable to attend the seminar, rewatch it below!

Seminari cap a la transició energética i un us sostenible dels recursos

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