On the 28th of October 2021, RECOPPs PI and Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Córdoba, participated in a very insightful talk in EIT Women initiative “Inspiring Women in the Raw Materials Sector”. In this event, Patricia showcased her career towards the Raw Material sector and her journey towards RECOPPs upscaling, funded by EIT Raw Materials.

This webinar was focused not just on the technical aspects of Dr.Córdoba’s career but also her impressive journey as a female scientist. As she described, the most amazing thing in her career was the opportunities she had to live abroad. In fact, when asked what is the best piece of advice to give to a young researcher, she mentioned “the best thing one can do is travel. Leave and learn from other professionals and their work in different countries. All in all, leaving is the best thing I did but I also felt like I wanted to pursue my own research line in my current institution, IDAEA-CSIC.”

The participation of Dr.Córdoba in this event definitely felt inspiring and has marked the first action of RECOPPs towards the visibility of young researchers, specially women, in the science field.

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