Last Thursday, 21st of October 2021, our PI and Coordinator, Dr. Patricia Córdoba, discussed her experiences as a young female scientist at IDAEA-CSIC’s Workshop Innovation and Knowledge Transfer. The is event was the first one held in-person during the pandemic situation and aimed to showcase the talent and innovative solutions present at IDAEA-CSIC.

The event was a success in terms of organization and the speakers, Denis Guilhot from Exploit Driver and Enric Queralt from Bluephage, delivered great insights on how to transfer solid investigations into a product with market interest.  On the other hand, a great polemic raised concerning the situation of researchers without permanent positions in this country and how this affects their performance, as stated by some of the attendees in the questions round.

All in all, this Workshop aced its objective within the IDAEA community and offer a new approach to science research and its applicability for the market and questioned the perspectives of basic science and business opportunities.

As an example of reasearch with possible market outcomes, RECOPPs, aims to recover Critical Raw Materials, Bismuth and Antimony, from the waste generated during the primary production of Copper. In this way, it will improve the costs of waste management and will promote sustainable industrial practices.

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