Last Wednesday, 20th of October 2021, RECOPPs PI and Coordinator discussed circularity, criticality, and new revenue models in Veltha’s “Loops”.

This initiative, which started in 2020, aims to promote and introduce Horizon 2020 projects that contribute to the implementation of Circular Economy and sustainable solutions for the industry. Now in its second season, the series of webinars hosted a second episode starring RECOPPs and SearcularMine, two H2020 solutions that aim to recover Critical Raw Materials from residues.

The project coordinator and PI, Dr. Patricia Córdoba, introduced the recovery protocols of Bismuth and Antimony with the integrated removal of Arsenic. These technologies are at a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 5 and aim to transition to a TRL of 7 throughout the following 3 years of duration of RECOPPs.

As a Horizon 2020 upscaling project, RECOPPs not just aims to implement a solution that will improve waste management and contribute to circularity of resources, but also wants to give visibility to young researchers and solid research ideas with marketable intentions.

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