Today, 4th of October 2021, we celebrated our second general meeting to discuss our preliminary results of the work packages active so far. It has been the second time all of the RECOPPs consortium gets to meet face to face and welcome new additions to the team. All our partner have been present in this very insightful meeting that has corroborated the good basis of the project’s first months of life.

The recovery protocols that are being developed by IDAEA-CSIC and UPC have managed to present solid results that indicate that the recovered products are in a good path to being marketable. LTUBussiness is on its way to deliver a go-to-market strategy that will establish the commercialisation route of the project. Finally, the Communication and Dissemination activities were introduced with exciting promises for the upcoming months of October and November.

These results show that RECOPPs project is following a good path to successfully meeting its deliverable planned for this year.

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