Our goals

RECOPPs as a pioneer solution towards circular economy and sustainable industries


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The Project

We generate value in the Recovery of Critical Raw Materials from residues and by-products generated during the production of Copper.

What are Critical Raw Materials?

Criticals Raw Materials are everywhere. In all our electronic devices, our cars, windows, fluorescent lights and more. But why are they so called “critical”?

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Recovered elements

Critical Raw Materials are vital in the EU despite being scarce. Discover the elements we recover and the role they play in our daily lives
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Recovery process

RECOPPs recovery protocols recover added-value Raw Materials from residues generated during the primary production of Copper with an integrated removal of the hazardous Arsenic



Environmental geochemists, engineers, business experts and communicators

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No Critical Raw Materials? No Green Energy.

Critical Raw Materials are present everywhere. They are a crucial part of the European economy. In fact, many industrial sectors rely on them to produce goods used in our everyday lives.

Beware the Arsenic

Careful with this hazard! Seriously, it can cause death Arsenic is a natural component present in the earth’s crust. Although it is considered a metal, this element is rarely found as a solid. It is widely distributed in the air, water and ground. This said, in its inorganic form, it is extremely toxic. In fact, […]


Holy Antimony

Did you know that without Antimony your car would never start? Antimony (Sb) a metallic, silvery and hard metal used to produce semiconductor devices, such as infrared detectors and diodes, among others. For its properties, it is the perfect alloy to combine with other metals such as Lead, Tin and Copper. I fact, it is used […]


#RECOPPs team united!

We are happy to have finally met in our first Annual Meeting to discuss the progress of our recovery protocols of #criticalrawmaterials , #bismuth and #antimony 🌱♻️.

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We’re going #circular today! ✨

After a long time of constantly taking about the benefits of #circulaeconomy let’s talk a bit about what it is exactly and how do we all benefit from it! 🌱🌎

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